one and all who happened upon this page.

Your pet has been diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) and you are on a quest to find anything that might prolong its life and alleviate  its suffering.

The good news is that you have found what you are looking for. 

Astro, my 8 year old Siamese suffered  from chronic renal failure. Though we managed to stabilize and keep him going for a while by administering subcutaneous hydration and putting him on a renal diet, he eventually relapsed. He become emaciated as he approached the terminal phase of the disease. 

As a last-ditch effort to help Astro, I began to research the latest studies on renal pathology. Using the results of my research and relying on my medical training, I was able to formulate a treatment.

Astro’s condition stabilized and his health began to improve. It continued to do so, week by week and month to month. His recovery was dramatic, one might even say miraculous. He is thriving more than two years later.

Astro’s recovery, however, was not a miracle, nor was it an isolated, one of a kind result. Two factors are responsible for his recovery and present state of robust good health, love and science.

We have tested and reproduced similar results  on many CRF cats and dogs. We would like to help your pet as well.


You supply the love, we’ll take care of the science.








To contact us email:  emarco@astroscrfoil.com

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