Astro’s CRF Oil is a unique formula created from pharmaceutical grade fish oil with a very high concentration of EPA (eicosapentaenoic  acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which has been deodorized and micro filtered to remove any heavy metals, vitamin E, which also helps keep the fish oil from oxidizing, and a highly bio-available  liquid form of ubiquinone (a higher percentage can be utilized by the body), in concentrations and ratios that are optimal for the treatment of chronic renal failure. This product is totally natural and has no side effects. Administered according to instructions, Astro’s CRF Oil will begin to have noticeable effects within the first 2-4 weeks in most crf pets. It is also a great supplement for healthy pets as it helps protect against many inflammatory diseases. It will give your pet a beautiful coat and will actually stop shedding and skin irritations. It is also recommended for the healthy and precocious mental development  (and according to some studies) trainability of puppies and kittens. Kittens in particular will benefit from this supplement as studies have determined that kittens are in a  constant state of DHA deficit.



Dosage: 1.5ml/day for cat and small dog, 2.5ml/day medium size dog, 3.5ml/day large dogs, kittens and puppies  0.5ml-1.0ml/day. Same dosages apply for the supplementation of healthy pets. Refrigerate after opening. Keep used pipette in refrigerator.



Mode of administration: Shake bottle well. Collect appropriate dose from bottle with the supplied pipette. Hold pet’s body firmly against your own or have someone hold your pet. Tilt pets head back and slip the tip of the pipette between its cheek and teeth. Gently squeeze the applicator to administer the oil.



Feline and Canine CRF can be treated


You supply the love, we take care of the science.


6o ml


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